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There is a larger world out there next to the quick fix of social media. Longer reads with thoughtful commentary on society, computing, board games or spirituality. Most blogs or sites linked below can be read with a RSS reader but mostly I just go there directly. RSS readers are the browser extensions feedbroreader or fraidycat, the latter also can also read facebook posts outside of the facebook. There are hosted feedreaders like NewsBlur and SumiNews. On linux or bsd there are for example the command-line newsboat or the lifearea clients. The e-mail client Thunderbird has a rss reader as well.

Content can also be found on the alternative networks of gemini, scuttlebutt and zeronet or with paid for content like the Dutch 'De Correspondent', 'Follow The Money', The New Yorker, Foreign Affairs or the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeutung.

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low-end computing and frugal living – Low-Tech magazine. Doubts on progress and technology – Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and Internet. Low-end and frugal computing in the 21st century. Long, opinionated posts on a pink background. – Ran Prieur. Frugality, societal collapse, "dropping out", and beyond. Has been constantly blogging for ages; interesting to see how his views have changed in time. – Joey Hess, former long-time Debian developer, author of git-annex. Frugal living and computing in the wilderness (he used to do everything on a 9-inch Dell Mini 9). – Carl Svensson. Long-form essays on frugal computing and what has gone wrong after 1994 or so. – A very spartan "layout" perhaps better served through gemini. His essay "Writing for the Internet across a Human Lifetime" also had some feedback on HN. – Viznut. Demoscene, "low-end technical extremism", permacomputing. Updates are rare but older pieces are well worth a read.

good and free books for countries where copyright is life+70

laudato si, about the care for our common home, earth from a catholic perspective

the prophet and jesus, son of man by kahlil gibran

christine dodrill. when the zen

meditations by emperor marcus aurelius

the souls of the black folk by Willem Du Bois

japanese fairy tales by Yei Theodora Ozaki

the last and first men, last men in london and Star Maker by olaf stapledon.

Gerry Canavon reflects on the work of Olaf Stapledon in "A dread mystery, compelling adoration"

orthodoxy and the everlasting man by Gilbert Chesterton

poison is medicine by Dzongsar Khyentse on the vajrayana path