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disappearing messages


enable disappearing messages on a per group or contact basis. Once the feature has rolled out fully, it will be available as a new option in the contact section of each friend in WhatsApp. The setting won’t wipe out older messages, and only affects new messages once it’s enabled by either party


Secret Chat is Telegram’s full end-to-end encrypted messaging feature (This is one major difference between Signal and Telegram.). It only works for one-on-one chats, and everything that’s sent in a Secret Chat only stays on the device. Once you delete a Secret Chat, all messages are gone.

How to Start an Encrypted Secret Chat in Telegram

The Secret Chat has a timer feature that lets you send disappearing messages anywhere between one minute to one week (including text, photos, messages, and other media).

When you’re in Secret Chat mode, the Android app stops users from taking screenshots. iPhone users can still take a screenshot, but you’ll be notified about it in the chat.


"…disappearing messages are now available in private conversations. Users can set a timer on their messages, and they will be automatically deleted when the timer expires. We hope this feature will go a long way towards improving users’ privacy, especially for people communicating in high-risk areas."