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dorothy maclean

Dorothy MacLean (1920-2020) one of the three founders of the Findhorn community in Schotland.

"To learn to talk with angels is really learning to talk with ourselves and with each other in new and profoundly deeper ways. It is learning how to communicate with our universe more openly and how to be more in tune with our role as co-creators and participate in its evolution. Modern communication has developed marvelously and very quickly in the physical, technological mode, but deeper and more subtle forms of communication remain untapped. For the future of our world and ourselves, we must now begin to use those deeper forms. . . . It requires a joyful enlargement of our view of reality, a readiness to be open to ourselves and our environment, and a conscious movement to embrace our own wholeness.

Jeremy Hayward in his "Sacred World" (pages 223-224) as he relates Doroth McLeans's views of the Deva's with Drala energy.

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"1. The world is a living being: To the Hermeticist, all of the world, including rocks and streams, is alive and possesses a soul. In alchemy, the physical world is believed to be made of four physical elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Through four shared qualities, hot, cold, moist, and dry, they can be transformed from one into another, keeping the world in a constant state of flux. However, the elements would scatter and the entire world would fall apart if they were not held together by the mysterious fifth element, the World Soul, or Anima Mundi, also known as the Quinta Essentia, the origin of the word quintessence or quintessential.

Regardless of the fact that modern chemists have disproved the theory of the four elements, the Anima Mundi remains as a loving intelligence that permeates all matter and all souls are part of it. Often the Anima Mundi is perceived as a spiritual energy or astral light that one can increase awareness of through meditation but in alchemy she was primarily depicted as a beautiful goddess. We will see in the next two chapters that the alchemical image of the World Soul as a goddess depicted in the midst of the four elements is the model for the image of the nude found on the World card in the Tarot of Marseilles."

– Robert Place relating Antoine Faivre on one of the six qualities of hermeticism