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Fountain is a tool for screenwritingscreenwriting

. Fountain was created by an A-list screenwriter, John August, who's written Big Fish, Go, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and many others. He's pushed it pretty hard on his podcast, Scriptnotes.

Other software: Final Draft. There are tools that let you convert Fountain to Final Draft (the due facto standard) and back, so I don't think foisting is needed. Fade In Pro ($50) or WriterDuet (free/$99 one time license for extra); both support Fountain.

If you're only writing in Fountain and then to PDF, Highland and Slugline are the other options. They are both under $30.

I also like Bascially it's Highland in a browser that can sync to Google Docs and Dropbox for free.

emacs mode

fountain apps

Be sure to checkout the apps page. Fountain is fairly well supported.



arxpoetica on Oct 31, 2015 [–]

See also:

convert to pdf

use Goyo[1] and capslock.vim[2] to reduce distraction and make the capitalization easier. Git in Dropbox works well when only one person is committing.



My cowriter uses afterwriting[3] (locally[4]) to view them although we still use unformatted .docx for rough drafts, since he normally writes those and I revise.





michaelx386 on Oct 31, 2015 [–]

There's a nice python program that can turn Fountain files in to PDF, HTML or FDX files:

  textplay myscript.fountain > myscript.pdf

but textplay relies on a non-free thing called PrinceXML for its PDF export. So:

  textplay myscript.fountain > myscript.html
  wkhtmltopdf myscript.html myscript.pdf