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imagemagick is the swiss army knife of image manipulation tools

  • how to create the best possible avif file
  • how to convert to grayscalegrayscale
    ways to convert an image to grayscale


    This will use one of the -intensity methods to convert the given image into a grayscale image.
    For example, to convert an image to (linear) Rec709Luminance grayscale, type:
    convert in.png -grayscale Rec709Luminance out.png # which is equivalent to:
    convert in.png -set colorspace RGB -colorspace gray out.png

    anaglyph grayscale
  • how to rotate
  • how to crop
  • how to create anaglyphs
  • how to watermark
  • how to edit the exim file
  • how to license the image
  • how to put the description in the image