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From wikipedia:Ithkuil:

"Ithkuil is an experimental constructed language created by John Quijada.[1] It is designed to express deeper levels of human cognition briefly yet overtly and clearly, particularly with regard to human categorization. It is a cross between an a priori philosophical and a logical language. It tries to minimize the vagueness and semantic ambiguity found in natural human languages.[2] Ithkuil is notable for its grammatical complexity and extensive phoneme inventory, the latter being simplified in an upcoming redesign. The name "Ithkuil" is an anglicized form of Iţkuîl, which in the original form roughly means "hypothetical representation of a language".[2] Quijada states he did not create Ithkuil to be auxiliary or used in everyday conversations. He wanted the language to be used for more elaborate and profound fields where more insightful thoughts are expected, such as philosophy, arts, science and politics."

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is the language speakable?

la-lalxu (on reddit:Ithkuil 20210825)

Ithkuil is good at being “dense/rich with detail”, but detail and accuracy are not the same; accuracy in Ithkuil is often expensive, and there is plenty of room for semantic and syntactic ambiguity. (The author has in the past intentionally rejected ideas that would make the language more syntactically unambiguous à la Lojban, and he has every right to, because Ithkuil is not trying to be a loglang. Ithkuil IV is already better about this than III, though.)

For example: it's very hard to talk about pizza in Ithkuil without just using the carrier root to say “the food called pizza”. If there were a root for pizza, it would suddenly become very easy! But this attempt illustrates how it can be costly to circumnavigate a hole in the lexicon.

[11:41 PM] Slaňstıswa: áčqalegza epkyülák usqwàlkük emftıulkükööt’ [11:43 PM] Slaňstıswa: "[baked foods derived from tomato fruits] together with [non-curdled cheeses] being joined at the top of a [leavened bread cracker]"