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obsidian todo

obsidian todo

Obsidian TODO Plugin

Text-based GTD in Obsidian.



  • Aggregates all outstanding TODOs in your vault and lists them in a single view
  • Split out TODOs by type ("Today", "Scheduled", "Inbox" and "Someday/Maybe")
  • Schedule a TODO for a specific date by adding a tag #YYYY-DD-MM
  • Mark a TODO as Someday/Maybe by adding a tag #someday
  • Complete TODOs from the list view
  • Quickly jump to the file in which a TODO is found from the list view



  • Scroll to correct line in file when jumping from list view
  • (Re)schedule TODOs from the list view
  • Persist cache, on reopening only reindex files changed since Obsidian was closed
  • Filter items list view by tags / freeform search
  • Improve UI and themeability
  • Integrate with daily notes plugin to ensure unscheduled TODOs in a daily note are listed in "Today"