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rollway station

"Rollway Station 2 is a print and play train game inspired by the 18xx series of games. You take on the role of an investor in various train companies trying to make the most money over fifteen turns. You'll roll dice and assign them to three different actions as you invest in companies, auction off trains, and build track to develop your train network. In this sequel, you're also competing with a Rival who will buy shares and make investments to compete with your score. Can you earn more points than the Rival?

Each turn of Rollway Station 2, you roll 6 dice. You must then assign these dice to three different actions: buying a share in a company, laying track, and bidding on a train. The values of the dice determine the specific effect of each action, and you'll rarely get everything you want. After you've taken your turn, there will be one die left over which is used by the Rival, who will either compete with you for shares in valuable companies, or make their own investments in private companies. Every few rounds, all the trains run and you score points based on how good their routes are, but so does the Rival. No experience of Rollway Station is required to play and enjoy this game, it's totally standalone." – Kendall McKenzie

rollway station 1 and 2