digital garden of reflections, hopes and fears


keeping things simple


  • use 'Before Launcher']( as minimalist app launcher App list, for example: Obsidian, Firefox, Termux, Phone, Whatsapp/Telegram, GMaps/OpenMaps, PocketReader, Audio/Music player, Teams/Outlook, Org-mode

  • use other launchers for elderly or children

  • tasker, microsoft flow automation for example: if outside turn on GPS, if inside certain locations turn off 5G, if 'x' wifi detected switch to 'x' instead of 5g or 4g

  • use hosted task automation like huginn

  • use grayscale with true oled black

  • use true oled black with dark skin (obsidian, firefox, termux)

  • turn off notifications

  • use stepcounter, sleep, weight and caloric tracker

  • use voice integration

  • use text to speech

  • paper based calendarcalendar
    time of day

    francis his ideal calendar and timekeeping systems would bring people closer to nature. using a sundial is one method, but it only works when the sun is shining. Using the sun as the focus of day time is very natural. People talk about morning and afternoon with the dividig line the moment when the sun is highest in the sky. This is averaged as 12.00 noon so people talk about the same thing, but nothing is keeping you from using your own personal time aligned with the sun.

    The p...

  • use lunar oriented calendar

  • paper based contact list

  • use sand timer for timeboxing

  • use stellarium on top for timekeeping and meditation practice schedule

  • use nudge reminders to move or drink

  • use intermittent fasting or diet app

low power arm64 or phone based setup with e-ink display

battery pack

liturgy in small print without vowels to safe space

bluetooth portable keyboard

use terminal and web based epub management (as a calibre alternative or complement): calibre-web and the command-line interface

use ffmpeg, mpv and imagemagick as transcoders or players

use csv and terminal tooling as tables

meditation schedule

powernaps schedule and sleep hygiene

offline policy and days

social media consumption policy

use bluetooth mouse for oculus quest 2d android apps, use grayscale if possible

use m4a 16 kbps encoded he-aac talks and higher encoded music selection

  • prayer and liturgy
  • hookham, trungpa and judy lief talks
  • a selection of meditative, classical, minimal techno, synth and trance music

consuming nettles and other type of edible plants

using a portable waterfilter for drinking outdoors

one chat app to rule them all: beeper (a mobile franz)