audio, music and speech speech lame lame 3.100 vs ffmpeg 5.1 Use lame –abr 8 *.wav or *.mp4 codec2, c2enc, c2dec compile from Compress, decompress and play a file using Codec 2 at 2400 bit/s: ./src/c2enc 2400 ../raw/hts1a.raw hts1a_c2.bit ./src/c2dec 2400 hts1a_c2.bit hts1a_c2_2400.raw playe with aplay: aplay -f S16_LE hts1a_c2_2400.raw Or using Codec 2 at 700C (700 bits/s): ./src/c2enc 700C ../raw/hts1a.raw hts1a_c2.bit ./src/c2dec 700C hts1a_c2.bit hts1a_c2_700.raw aplay -f S16_LE hts1a_c2_700....

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The beetle is a stone in the hive game. I use the term also to indicate the spirit of the beetle, slow and sturdy movements, while at times sitting still. As such it’s used as a tag in this digital garden.


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Taleb’s Incerto (Fooled by Randomness, Black Swan, Antifragile, Skin in the Game) A wide array of fallacies that govern our daily life; unknown unknowns, “experts” explaining past events as obvious in retrospect, the news, predictions, survivorship bias, confirmation bias, etcetera Fictiones Ficciones (Fictions, A classic from Jorge Luis Borges; “experimental” literature. Roadside Picnic by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky A Soviet sf classic, a story about a closed zone where ‘aliens’ left artifacts and how that changed people around them...

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“Boredom is important in meditation practice; it increases the psychological sophistication of the practitioners. They begin to appreciate boredom and they develop their sophistication until the boredom begins to become cool boredom, like a mountain river. It flows and flows and flows, methodically and repetitiously, but it is very cooling, very refreshing. Mountains never get tired of being mountains, and waterfalls never get tired of being waterfalls. Because of their patience we begin to appreciate them....


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butyeko control pause test Sit down and rest for 5-7 minutes. Completely relax all your muscles, including the breathing muscles. This relaxation produces natural spontaneous exhalation (breathing out). Pinch your nose closed at the end of this exhalation and count your BHT (breath holding time) in seconds. Keep the nose pinched until you experience the first desire to breathe. Practice shows that this first desire appears together with an involuntary push of the diaphragm or swallowing movement in the throat....

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