Abbreviations that can be used in an alphanumeric shorthand systems.



Some still useful abbreviations in use in morse code

ADS address

AGN again

C correct, yes CK check FM from FWD forward

N no, nine

NIL nothing

OK okay

PLS please

PPR paper

PX prefix

R received, roger

RPT repeat please

SF so far

SIG signature

TU thank you

WD word/words

Z zulu time UTC

WX weather, weather report

73 best regards (92 code)

88 love and kisses (92 code)

92 code (1901)

Relevant codes from The Telegraph Instructor G.M. Dodge.

6, I am ready

7, are you ready

15, for you and others to copy

18, what’s the trouble

27, priority, very important

28, do you get my writing

30, no more, the end

37, inform all interested

39, important, with priority on through wire

44, answer promptly 55, important

92, deliver promptly

philips code 1879

IGO in consequence of

Kft conflict

Kpt compete

Oac on account of

Px price

Rept repeat

Mo month

hvnb have not been

medieval breviographs

p person, persons & and