What apple has going for it is a vertically integrated system. The company controls the hardware and the software and can optimize both for the user experience. The downside can be that you have to buy into the Apple vision, literally and figuratively.

While I love the aesthetic of MacOS and battery life of arm64 macbooks, it’s not worth it for me in the end; I rather opt for a arm64 based chromebook to run linux on it with Aline, Wayland, Logseq, Vassal and a nice compositor.

macos apps i love

Apart from the beautiful aesthetic there are a few mac apps that make the system extra beautiful that do not really have a counterpart in the open source linux system. For example: LibreOffice works, but is less usable and beautiful. Logseq is arguable more elegant and simple, but Devonthink is more integrated in the system.


cartograph maps

microsoft office

utilities: karabiner elements, rectangle, keka, sol, geektool

utm qemu shell

audiobook builder