example: https://schoolofshakti.org/superior-man/

“It lays out a challenge before men to fulfill their authentic masculine essence. Our playground is polarity and sexuality. The masculine- and a feminine pole, In life it doesn’t matter who takes on those roles (man or woman), but in these trainings we work with men with a masculine essence. The dynamic of polarity is necessary for sexual tension, passion and excitement.

You can lose contact with your authentic sexuality nature due past-rejection issues, rejection from the feminine or taboo. Your life force can suffer from this.

Bringing back the sensitivity and power. And let it be an instrument to be worshipped by yourself, the feminine in a beautiful and healthy communion. De-arm her skills and to see the trauma behind it. How to raise your frequency and create depth in love making. How to use the peripheral view instead of hyper- focussing on her, during love making.”

https://asylury.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/we-need-to-talk-about-david-deida/ https://jezebel.com/crazy-women-fiery-latinas-and-masculine-sexual-essenc-1847495117 https://boodaism.com/david-deida/