olin-monster is a garden of ideas, projects and memories francis likes to grow and nurture. Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet, they are like wiki’s but more free-form and organic. It’s not as linear like a blog as items can grow and re-edited. It’s the antithesis of the linear posts and the consumer model social media pushes. It’s more like an invitation to dance (solo or together), then listening to someone on a soapbox or creating a polarizing buzz. Mike Caufield, a digital literacy expert from Washington university, explains it: “Things in the Garden don’t collapse to a single set of relations or canonical sequence, and that’s part of what we mean when we say “the web as topology” or the “web as space”. Every walk through the garden creates new paths, new meanings, and when we add things to the garden we add them in a way that allows many future, unpredicted relationships.” [..] Each flower, tree, and vine is seen in relation to the whole by the gardener so that the visitors can have unique yet coherent experiences as they find their own paths through the garden. We create the garden as a sort of experience generator, capable of infinite expression and meaning.