“you do not belong to you, you belong to the universe” – buckminster-fuller

francis as a cyborg, north sea beach, spring ‘09

what is francis? He’s a member of the homo sapiens sapiensis family, living in the anthropocene together with 3 other members of this species, two of generation X and two generation Z’s. According to western astrology his sun sign is virgo, his moon sign is scorpio and his ascendant is gemini. Cambridge Analytica - when it was still in operation - generated the following report from his social media activity, YMMV.

Psychological gender: Male 34%

Big5: far more intellectually curious and sensitive to beauty than most. One might say that his beliefs are individualistic and frequently drift towards the unconventional, and that he enjoys his imagination and the exciting places it takes him! spontaneous and fun. He likes to do unexpected things that make life that bit more interesting. One might say that he isn’t completely unreliable, but he has been known to slip up on occasion. quiet and somewhat withdrawn. It describes him as someone who doesn’t need lots of other people around to have fun, and he can sometimes find that people are tiring. willing to make difficult decisions when necessary, and he will point out when something is wrong no matter what other people might feel. One might say that he can be tough and uncompromising. extremely difficult to upset or stress out, since you rarely, if ever, react with negative emotions. Even when he’s are anxious about something the feeling quickly passes. Based on the digital footprint, he comes across as very calm and resilient.

Intelligence 92% Life satisfaction: 49% Leadership potential: 50%

Jungian personality type: INTP INTPs are quiet, thoughtful, analytical individuals who don’t mind spending long periods of time on their own, working through problems and forming solutions. INTPs tend to be less at ease in social situations and the “caring professions” although they enjoy the company of those who share their interests. They also tend to be impatient with the bureaucracy, rigid hierarchies, and politics prevalent in many professions, preferring to work informally with others as equals. INTPs’ extraverted intuition often gives them a quick wit, especially with language, and they can defuse the tension in gatherings by comical observations and references. They can be charming, even in their quiet reserve, and are sometimes surprised by the high esteem in which their friends and colleagues hold them.

Politics: Libertarian political views, these are based on the principle of individual freedom and autonomy. Contemporary Libertarians tend to support free-market capitalism with low regulation, low taxes, and a smaller state in general which provides less in the way of social welfare programs.

Religion: into the “Other” category, which includes Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, Muslims, Jedis and Pastafarians.

Interest: a strong interest in Engineering. He’s probably an inventive and energetic person that isn’t shy of DIY.