Interactive fiction is fiction where you as a reader can be an active participant in the story.

IF forum:

Overview of written games are and For example:

Tools: Inform, TADS, Dialog, Twine, Choicescript, Ink

People: Emily Short, Andrew Plotkin, Jon Ingold, Christine Love, Aaron Reed, Chris Crawford, Porpentine

software clients

Z5-9 Clients

Javascript to run in the browser: parchment

inform7 authoring tool Inform Designer’s Manual, Edition 4 about Inform6 (which Inform7’s natural language uses under the hood)

ink authoring tool

twine authoring tool

The story formats in minified format under story-formats/ exist in separate repositories:





Sugarcube 2 Macros

Chapbook Want a quick look at the output Chapbook produces, or the way you write a code for it? Take a look at the story and its Twee source code. If you’ve never used Twee before, it’s a compact text-only format for Twine stories. The main thing to keep in mind is that each line beginning with :: describes a new passage.

Snowman story format

Twison story format (for Monogatari)



Cradle - Twine and Unity


Tear-off UI: add a QR code with the room URL to your Start passage. When another client joins, stop displaying passage text in the first browser and instead display full-screen images/video/Flash/Unity.

Animated gif

Twee2 compiler

TweeGo compiler

Twine cookbook

Harlowe audio

twine games

Temple of no