“I don’t blame the other person for causing jealousy. Your mind might create all these stories about this person, he/she doesn’t deserve my love. Maybe I feel unworthy of love myself. Maybe if he/she is with someone else I am not worthy. I allow my boyfriend to feel jeaulous. Insecurity, a lack of confidence, a lack of worthiness. Don’t take it personal. Look back inside, fulfill that need.”

Wilrieke Sophia on jealousy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JiOSHv6UcQ

“Where’ve you been? Who’ve you seen? You didn’t phone when you said you would! Do you lie? Do you try To keep in touch? You know you could I’ve tried to see your point of view But could not hear or see For jealousy”

Pet Shop Boys - Jealousy


“Then you begin to transform your experience into that of an asura, which is energy, speed, rushing, and a very sudden glimpse of comparison which is called jealousy or envy. But I don’t think jealousy and envy are concrete enough words to express this state of neuroticism. It’s a combination of jealousy with the speed of looking for an alternative to the blissful state of the world of the gods.

Then in the human realm you begin to find some way of communicating, some way of making that experience more concrete. You begin to find passion instead of pure jealousy and comparison alone. You begin to find that you get into it: you can dive into it and indulge, in fact. In the realm of the asura there’s no time for indulgence because the whole thing is fast and rushed. It’s almost a reaction against the blissful state.” – Trungpa, Transcending Madness