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journaling books

Inner Journeying through Art-Journaling: Learning to See and Record your life as a work of Art

True Vision, Authentic Art Journaling

Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald

Inner Hero

Art Journal Art Journey

Draw your day

Spiritual Journaling, writing your way to independence

Gratitude Journal by Greater Good Science Center

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the e-prime dialect: a tool for clear and vigorous writing criticisms of e-prime also see: third person narrator

fractal literature

"James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake has been described as many things, from a masterpiece to unreadable nonsense. But it is also, according to ...


From wikipedia:Ithkuil: "Ithkuil is an experimental constructed le...

open steno project

Plover (rhymes with "lover") is a free, open source stenography engine. It allows individuals to replace their keyboard and write into an...


quickscript "Quikscript (also known as the Read Alphabet[1] and Second Shaw) is an alphabet (and phonemic orthography) specifically desi...

toki pona

From Toki Pona, The Language of Good by Sonja Lang toki pona Modern