hive game piece

The ladybug is an official Hive expansion game piece.

In this memory garden it signifies beauty, love and wonder and awe. Specific places in the garden are tagged as such. Olin means lovely in toki-pona.

in culture

From wikipedia: “Many cultures consider ladybirds lucky and have nursery rhymes or local names for the insects that reflect this. For instance, the Turkish name for the insect is uğur böceği, literally meaning ‘good luck bug’. In many countries, including Russia, Turkey, and Italy, the sight of a coccinellid is either a call to make a wish or a sign that a wish will soon be granted.

In Christian areas, they are often associated with the Virgin Mary, and the name that the insect bears in the various languages of Europe corresponds to this. Although historically many European languages referenced Freyja, the fertility goddess of Norse mythology, in the names, the Virgin Mary has now largely supplanted her, so that, for example, freyjuhœna (Old Norse) and Frouehenge have been changed into marihøne (Norwegian) and Marienkäfer (German), which corresponds with Our Lady’s bird.[37] Sometimes, the insect is referred to as belonging directly to God (Irish bóín DéPolish boża krówkaRussian божья коровка [bozhya korovka], all meaning ‘God’s [little] cow’).[38] In Dutch it is called lieveheersbeestje, meaning ’little animal of our Good Lord’. In both Hebrew and Yiddish, it is called “Moshe Rabbenu’s (i.e., Moses’s) little cow” or “little horse”, apparently an adaptation from Slavic languages. Occasionally, it is called “little Messiah”.[39]

The insects have been used to symbolise Ladybird Books (part of Penguin Group),[40][41] and the Ladybird range of children’s clothing sold by the former high street chain Woolworth’s in the UK,[42] while the ladybird street tile is a symbol against senseless violence in the Netherlands, and is often placed on the sites of deadly crimes.[43]