Logseq is a note taking, task listing and wiki system. It’s multi platform and has extensive export, import and query possibilities and add-ons supporting mind maps, calendars and attached files. It natively saves pages and journals in plain text format.


move items up and down: shift-alt arrows

tag pages (tags: tag) and items (#tag)


add to favorites; use dots. to manually add favorites: edit logseq/config.edn :favorites array.

difference between tags pages and page pages every page gets an automatic listing with pages tagged with ‘specific-name’, best to be careful not to make it ‘snm’.

advanced datalog queries

https://gist.github.com/houshuang/ca4c3e79a088f660dfd9e2c902da6abb https://discuss.logseq.com/t/learning-resources-for-advanced-queries-datalog/8619 https://hub.logseq.com/features/av5LyiLi5xS7EFQXy4h4K8/getting-started-with-advanced-queries/8xwSRJNVKFJhGSvJUxs5B2


use the calc macro

2 * 6
321.343 / 231.34
355.000000000/113.0000000000 - 3.1415926535897932384626433

agenda plugin, review, burn down

anki plugin

  • for example learn toki pona or buddhist terms

interstitial log plugin

should be in a tab or always available, use the journal

Solarized Ext

export syntax



  • only add: images, png, jpeg movies: av1 or mp4

  • audio; m4a, opus, mp3

  • svg

  • mermaid or markmap

  • graphviz or plantuml

  • epub, pdf or muticolumn docx (for easy printing)

  • export to ical file to root webpage

  • gmi files #+BEGIN_EXPORT l #+END_EXPORT


indenting tips

  • how to indent with keeping markdown ‘pure’

  • when to indent, difference default ident and manual bullet or minus sign

  • how to use markdown headers - default h2 to parse to epub

file and folder structure

logseq/config.edn (favorites) logseq/pages-metadata.edn (tags) journal

  • TODO how to change date naming



  • TODO auto save
  • TODO hugo script
  • export to hugo, auto save
  • export to epub
  • export to paper using page labels and append scripts

learn more about logseq

https://blog.logseq.com/tag/newsletters/ https://logseqweekly.com/ https://discuss.logseq.com/t/project-pages-for-task-mangagement/1810/2 https://www.reddit.com/r/logseq/comments/s0v404/using_logseq_in_the_work_place_corporate/

https://discord.com/invite/URphjhk https://www.reddit.com/r/logseq/

query examples

https://www.reddit.com/r/logseq/comments/q1afc6/please_help_with_query/ “{{query (and (todo todo) [[A]])}” linked reference vs inline query “TODO login with mfa #work” / “{{query (and (todo todo) work)}}”

“#+BEGIN_QUERY {:title [:h2 “tasks”] :query [:find (pull ?b [*]) :where [?b :block/properties ?p] [(get ?p :type) ?t] [(= “[[book]]” ?t)]]} #+END_QUERY”

agenda - plugin

org integration

journaling flow



org-babel functionality

property top left corner

org-mode and org-roam integration



;; Quick capture templates on mobile for recieving contents from other apps. ;; Each template contains three elements {time}, {text} and {url}, which can be auto-expanded ;; by received contents from other apps. Note: the {} cannot be omitted. ;; - {time}: capture time ;; - {text}: text that users selected before sharing. ;; - {url}: url or assets path for media files stored in Logseq. ;; You can also reorder them, or even only use one or two of them in the template. ;; You can also insert or format any text in the template as shown in the following examples. ;; :quick-capture-templates ;; {:text “[[quick capture]] {time}: \n - {text} from {url}” ;; :media “[[quick capture]] {time}: \n - {url}”} }



  • Interstitial Heading Plugin - makes interstitial journaling easier by making it very easy to add timestamps to blocks!https://github.com/hkgnp/logseq-mermaid-plugin

logseq and books https://logseqweekly.com/26-jun-22-logseq-0-7-5-logseq-vs-other-apps-work-and-study-notes-logseq-usage-plugins/

Page Embed, Block Embed

link assets


query table