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Hvid død (White Death)

Black-box larp focusing on non-verbal physical play. It portrays an allegorical story of settlers trying to set up a community, but breaking apart and dying one by one. The play uses physical restrictions and symbolic props as a central mechanics, as well as a theatric lighting and a thematic soundscape.

Hvid død was the first larp in the Nordic tradition where the players are not allowed to talk at all. At the same time, the scenario sticks to a set, stylized story where the players explore the details.

Dance Macabre - Poslední tóny

“Dance Macabre is a dance larp inspired by the chapter Danse Macabre in Neil Gaiman`s Grave­yard Book and a Danish Game In Fair Verona. The game is set in current Europe, but the exact time and place does not play an imporant role in the game. The game takes cca three hours and players play their characters only through dancing Tango Argentino. It is a story about love, death and serching for new future. The game is preceded by two days of workshops to learn playing through dancing and to create characters and their story.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoAGdNaGMtQ https://nordiclarp.org/wiki/Dance_Macabre

Valley of Shadow

is set in a noir-style prison. It explores topics such as hopelessness, the cycle of violence, powerlessness – but also love, forgiveness and mercy. All the characters are members of a mobster “family” who got into a hopeless situation – partly through a fault of their own; partly because of an outside influence. At night, the prison falls silent and the characters return to their cells; to dream of a better life, in which they avoided their greatest mistake and did not choose hatred. The dream scenes will use blues dancing as a platform of communication, and they will tell a much lighter story of the golden youth of the jazz era and their one true love. The game is for 36 players in one run and it takes cca 3 hours. Before the game, there are two days of workshops of Blues dancing and creation of characters and their stories."