The domain name is chosen by francis for his public digital-garden. Olin means something like love in the lovely minimal toki-pona language. “Olin monster” refers to shadow and meeting the obstacles in life with curiosity and love. He uses an integrated-thinking-environment like logseq. The digital-garden contained in this site reflects his personal notes and thoughts. Some journal pages and some other content he keeps private. Olin monster in that sense also a ‘dear friend’, an augmented brain and a collection of curiosa, demons, allies and hopes-and-fears

This note-taking and journaling is a turning away from social media like facebook due to polarisation, parasocial relating and the spread of disinformation Francis wants to re-focus on what is important in life and explore more healthy computer mediated connections.

slowly swimming away from the “subtle behavior modification feedback loops” of commercial social-media. It’s a term Jaron Lanier uses in his book and interviews. It’s more succinct way to state what Jonathan Haidt and others write about how society, our living together’ is being dissolved by social-media.

Like in Theory U; aim to bridge the ecological divide; noise between self and nature …aim to bridge social divide; noise between self and others, and aim to bridge the spiritual divide; noise between self and Self.