Andrea Juhan, Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman en Vic Cooper

Open Floor

Open Floor International (OFI) was founded in March 2014 by Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman, Andrea Juhan and Vic Cooper, along with 11 Founding Members, of which Deborah Jay-Lewin is one. 

Exploring the essential movement language that we all speak on the dance floor - our common ground - Open Floor is a context for movement, a path to experiencing oneself in all dimensions of embodiment, and an impulse for movement, expression and creativity. 

Using Open Floor Movement Practice, we enter the body and dance space through a doorway, opening a world of sensations, feelings, thoughts, images, intuitions and prayers. We let this world move us, nourishing our hunger for solitude, connection, belonging and spirit. Each new dance is a new experience that enriches us, weaving all dimensions of embodiment and hunger to create a tapestry of life in the moment, through our dance.

Some of the core values of Open Floor International are: 

Movement heals 

Move and include

On the Open Floor we move and include the juicy moments of joyful release, as well as the challenging ones; pain in the body, shyness, self-limiting beliefs, a sensation of isolation. This is how we learn to be true, fluid and whole.

Open floor is open source

Open Floor International is devoted to education, training and making movement as accessible as possible. Therefore, our work is registered on the Creative Commons, which both protects the integrity of the work while making it available for creative remix. Students are encouraged to integrate what they’ve learned from us and respectfully add it to their own talents.

Everybody matters

The business model of Open Floor International, Dynamic Governance, reflects the same values of inclusion that we teach on the dance floor. Dynamic Governance fosters equality, radical honest and participation of member teachers.

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