Planner is an Office365 plan board to organize tasks which you can share with a team. Office365 offers Planner and Tasks (for individual task planning).

There are various todo, task and project registration systems where one can implement a certain task or project management system like GTD or Scrum. Tools I like are org-mode, taskwarrior and taskjuggler. All are open source tools. The task files can sync across systems with a sync tool like syncthing.


It’s usable through an internet browser. Open the Planner, set filter to your name


m365 planner task list –output text (id, title, startDateTime, dueDateTime, completedDateTime)

m365 planner task list –query “[*].title” –output text

m365 planner plan list –ownerGroupName “ICT-Beta” -o text

y0Mt8ABjV0ah7JsmXiWBlZYAA48P (id), Bewegend (title), e4095ef6-9e14-461c-b13c-5b6011e503cd (owner)

m365 planner bucket list –planId “y0Mt8ABjV0ah7JsmXiWBlZYAA48P” -o text _p0EAgpCzEqQ8JJD6zvuj5YACRaP On hold 8QH7KxopUk28BaIhJxAGGpYAMMvd Done
RZpHTsLtykSwkhzp46zNp5YAECGP Backlog G5k5x37UykC8xxuEyUlNYpYAAPPf Review -6bQS8ojVEaZdxoCwUMDppYAK-wQ In Progress INL7__Yud0WKg-RNqxxoVZYACDcy Starting “id”: “9f3ebdf4-be82-416e-ba2f-5ea24dd5bb45”

m365 planner task set –id “Vb6SQvV9lEmn-0UxUH72UJYAN0iK” –bucketName “Done” –planTitle “Bewegend” –ownerGroupName “ICT-Beta” m365 planner task set –id “Vb6SQvV9lEmn-0UxUH72UJYAN0iK” –bucketName “Done” –planTitle “Bewegend” –ownerGroupName “ICT-Beta” –percentComplete 100

m365 planner task list –bucketName “Done” –planTitle “Bewegend” –ownerGroupName “ICT-Beta” -o text

assignments": { “9f3ebdf4-be82-416e-ba2f-5ea24dd5bb45”

Updates a Microsoft Planner task name to My Planner Task for the task with the ID Z-RLQGfppU6H3663DBzfs5gAMD3o

m365 planner task set –id “Z-RLQGfppU6H3663DBzfs5gAMD3o” –title “My Planner Task”

Moves a Microsoft Planner task with the ID Z-RLQGfppU6H3663DBzfs5gAMD3o to the bucket named My Planner Bucket. Based on the plan with the title My Planner Plan owned by the group My Planner Group

m365 planner task set –id “2Vf8JHgsBUiIf-nuvBtv-ZgAAYw2” –bucketName “My Planner Bucket” –planTitle “My Planner Plan” –ownerGroupName “My Planner Group”

Marks a Microsoft Planner task with the ID Z-RLQGfppU6H3663DBzfs5gAMD3o as 50% complete and assigned to categories 1 and 3.

m365 planner task set –id “2Vf8JHgsBUiIf-nuvBtv-ZgAAYw2” –percentComplete 50 –appliedCategories “category1,category3”

JMESPath query


There are mobile apps that only work in online mode. There also is the possibility to use the command line to update tasks through cli-microsoft365.


Starting, In Progress, Review, Backlog

planner task add [options] Adds a new Microsoft Planner Task planner task get [options] Retrieve the specified planner task planner task list [options] Lists planner tasks in a bucket, plan, or tasks for the currently logged in user planner task remove [options] Removes the Microsoft Planner task from a plan planner task set [options] Updates a Microsoft Planner Task

JMESPath query

–query “[?Title == ‘Retail’]” [?contains(Title, ‘Demo’)]

m365 planner task list –query “[*].title” -o text

[?Title == 'Demo 1']  would return only the first item as it matches on the title Demo 1

[?contains(Title, 'Demo')]  would return the first two items as it matches the Title on the word Demo

[?contains(*, 'Demo 1')]  would return any item in the array where the value of any property would be Demo 1, currently only the first item.

[?starts_with(Title, 'Demo')]  would only return the first item as it filters the title to start with Demo

[?ends_with(Title, '1')]  returns the first and last item, as the title ends with a 1

[?contains(Title, 'Demo') && AllowDownloadingNonWebViewableFiles]  returns only the first item as it combines two filters.

[*].Title  returns only the Titles for all items.

[*].{Title: Title}  returns all items as array with a Title property.