Working with what Jung called The Shadow

Edward C. Whitmont, The Evolution of the Shadow

D. Patrick Miller, What the Shadow Knows: An Interview with John A. Sanford

Excerpts from ‘Meeting the Shadow’ by Connie Zweig

William A. Miller, Finding the Shadow in Daily Life summary

Jordan Peterson talks about the Shadow

Alan Watts on the Shadow

Chogyam Trungpa, Smile at Fear


Facing obstacles, defilements, hindrances and obscurations (kleshas) with Lojong practice

Wipipedia:Five hindrances


Slogan 27: Work with your greatest defilements first. Judith Lief

Slogan 36: Don't act with a twist

Slogan 4: Self-liberate even the antidote

Slogan 37: Don’t make gods into demons

Slogan 44: Train in the three difficulties

Slogan 33: Don’t bring things to a painful point

Dealing with Dharma protectors

Alexander Berzin. What are Dharma protectors

Tea with Dragons, Alan Seale (1997)

“One of my friends speaks of recognizing the dragons as they appear, and inviting them for tea. In a very civilized manner, she sits down with the dragons and talks through the issues. In doing this, she is disempowering the dragon, disempowering the fear. As the fear is disempowered, the blocks to the flow of Love begin to fall away, and you can move on in your freedom journey.”

Chapter 11 from On Becoming a 21st Century Mystic: Pathways to Intuitive Living, appeared also in Intuitive Living as Chapter 10

Feed your demons, Tsultrim Allione (2008)

How to feed your demons - public short version 2018, Tsultrim Allione

Excerpt about the Addiction demon

Feeding your demons meditation with Project Sunshine 2018 1h37m mp3. Tsultrim Allione. Starts from around minute 23.

Tricycle review (and warning) on Allione’s ‘Cutting through Fear’ adaptation

English 5 step process

Deutsch 5 step process

Nederlands 5 stappen

Insanely Gifted, Jamie Catto (2012)

Transforming Shadows - Turn your demons into employees

Insanely Gifted notes

Embracing the Shadow by Charley Morley

Online course

Tina Gilbertson: T-R-U-T-H technique


Independent similar process by Tantra Gal, Shadow into Ally in 6 easy steps

Tantra Gal (2015), Shadow into Ally in 6 easy steps

Jamie Cato. Transforming Shadows into Rocket-Fuel

Jamie Cato

Integral 3-2-1

3-2-1 process

Problematic aspects of 3-2-1

Shadow in Integral theory and practice


PL 25,26,28,38,39,40,41,50,72,73,83,84,96,97,100,101,104,124,125,135,148,176,190,195,196

The Undefended Self

Facing the Lower Self by Jan Rigsby

Introductory topics by Jan Rigsby

Daily review by Jan Rigsby

Pathwork Bratnick index

Pathwork short multiline summaries by Jan Rigsby

Pathwork multipage summary lectures until 100

PL040: More on Image finding, a summary

PL101: The Defense

PL124: Language of the unconscious

PL125: Transition from the No-current to the Yes-current

Wilrieke Sophia

Using sex to explore our shadow side

The possible shadow of boundaries


Pierro Ferucci

Roberto Assagioli


The value of confession according to Jung

Penance and Reconciliation 1982 (Vatican)

Mememto Mori

Ignatian Examen

The Way of the Cross

Ephesians 6:10-20

[Navolging, vertaling van Mink de Vries. H13 Weerstand bieden aan verleidingen. H19 Geestelijke oefeningen. H21 Je fouten en tekortkomingen toegeven. H22 Nadenken over de menselijke ellende. H23 Nadenken over de dood. H31,32 Afstand nemen van alles/je ego. H36 Hoe gaan we om met mensen die ons verkeerd beoordelen. H40 De mens heeft niets om trots op te zijn. H41 Richt je niet op eer of tijdelijke roem. H56 We moeten onszelf durven opgeven]

Eugen Drewermann. Kleriker: Psychogramm eines Ideals (1989). The dark side of purity and humility


Introduction to Chod, Jerome Edou

Four demons of Chod, Jerome Edou

Inviting the Demon, Judith Simmer-Brown, Parabola 1997

Book review: Machik’s Complete Explanation by Sarah Harding

Alejandro Chaoul, Tricycle article: The most generous cut

Alejandro Chaoul, Chod practice in the Bon tradition

Chod, cutting through the ego, Yangthang Rinpoche, Hawaii 1991

Surmang Chod, 4th Trungpa. Alta Brown

Chogyam Trungpa and Chod

Ear-Whispered Chod

Wikipedia on Chod


Florien Kortenhorst: Schaduwwerk sessie

Jeff Foster, The Way of Rest

Connie Zweig, Meeting the Shadow: a Reader

Connie Zweig, Romancing the Shadow

Verena Kast, Imagination as Space of Freedom

Robert Johnson, Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth

Selected article summaries from Meeting the Shadow

Shadow-making: Forming the Disowned Self in the Family

Harville Hendrix, Creating the False Self

Robert M. Stein, Rejection and Betrayal

Kim Chernin, The Underside of the Mother-Daughter Relationship

John A. Sanford, Parenting and Your Child’s Shadow

Shadow-Boxing: The Dance of Envy, Anger, and Deceit

Christine Downing, Sisters and Brothers Casting Shadows

Daryl Sharp, My Brother/Myself

Maggie Scarf, Meeting Our Opposites in Husbands and Wives

Michael Ventura, Shadow Dancing in the Marriage Zone

The Disowned Body: Illness, Health, and Sexuality

John Conger, The Body as Shadow

John Pierrakos, Anatomy of Evil

Larry Dossey, The Light of Health, The Shadow of Illness

Alfred Ziegler, Illness as Descent into the Body

Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig, The Demonic Side of Sexuality

The Shadow of Achievement: The Dark Side of Work and Progress

Bruce Shackleton, Meeting the Shadow at Work

John R. O’Neill, The Dark Side of Success

Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig, Quacks, Charlatans, and False Prophets

Marsha Sinetar, Using Our Flaws and Faults

Chellis Glendinning, When Technology Wounds

Peter Bishop, Wilderness as a Victim of Progress

Devils, Demons, and Scapegoats: A Psychology of Evil

Carl Jung, The Problem of Evil Today

Rollo May, The Dangers of Innocence

M. Scott Peck, Healing Human Evil

Stephen A. Diamond, Redeeming Our Devils and Demons

Ernest Becker, The Basic Dynamic of Human Evil

Andrew Bard Schmookler, Acknowledging Our Inner Split

Shadow-Work: Bringing Light to the Darkness Through Therapy, Story, and Dreams

James Hillman, The Cure of the Shadow

Sheldon B. Kopp, Tale of a Descent into Hell

Joseph Campbell, The Belly of the Whale

Gary Toub, The Usefulness of the Useless

Karen Signell, Working with Women's Dreams

Janice Brewi and Anne Brennan, Emergence of the Shadow in Midlife

Daniel Levinson, For the Man at Midlife

Liliane Frey-Rohn, How to Deal with Evil

Owning Your Dark Side Through Insight, Art, and Ritual

Ken Wilber, Taking Responsibility for Your Shadow

Robert Bly, Eating the Shadow

Nathaniel Branden, Taking Back the Disowned Self

Hal Stone and Sidra Winkelman, Dialogue with the Demonic Self

John Bradshaw, Taming the Shame

Barbara Hannah, Learning Active Imagination

Linda Jacobson, Drawing the Shadow

Decna Metzger, Writing about the Other