There are systems to shorten the words and phrases you type and read. Famous internet slang are for example: brb (be right back), irl (in real life). But you could also remove all vowels, or just the vowels at the start of a word or the first vowel in a word. You could “rite” words only in the phonetic way. There are all sorts of rules that effect the resulting text to be shorter and more or less readable. For example here is a sed oneliner I wrote with some replacements:

sed ’s/ and / & /g’ -e ’s/ of /\ % /g’ -e ’s/ is / = /g’ -e ’s/ th / # /g’ -e ’s/\B[aeiouAEIOU]//g’ -e ’s/(.)\1/\1/g’ -e “s/’//g”

So I could add Yash digraph codes, expand the sed oneliner with the first vowel within a word, use two letter combination words from Yublin and add some other rules.

Semi-related: Rozan; fast notetaking system

Alternatively I could switch to Braille Grade2 and 3 contraction and use fonts like these:

(hand-written braille)[[] (kobographs)[]

..or I could just learn a logographic script like Chinese. For example; this is the Heart Sutra in Chinese compared to the literal English translation run through my sed oneliner.



Prjnprmt Hrt Str. Gnz bdhstv mdtng dply on prjnprmt, tht tm clrly sw th fv agrgts t b empty lvng al th sfrng bhnd. Srptr! Frm = nt othr thn emptns, emptns = nt othr thn frm. Frm itslf = emptns, emptns itslf = frm. Snstn, prcptn, frmtn, awrns ar als lk ths. Srptr! Trly al thngs emptns dstrbs: nt arsng, nt csng, nt impr, nt pr, nt grwng, nt whthrng. S in emptns thr = n frm, n snstn, prcptn, frmtn, awrns. N ey, er, ns, tng, bdy or mnd. N sght, snd, sml, tst, tch or thght. N vsbl wrld evn op t: n mntl sns wrld. N ignrnc & n ignrnc endng, evn up t: n old ag & dth, & n old ag & dth endng. N trth of sfrng, it’s cs, it’s end, n pth. N wsdm & n gn. Bcs nthng cn b gnd, thrfr: Bdhstvs rly on Prjnprmt, s thr hrts hv n mntl blcks. N mntl blcks mns nt hvng fr ethr. Lvng bhnd al cnfsd drmlk ilsns, fnly rchng nrvn. Jnprmt, s thy rch Antr smyk smbdh. S knw Prjnprmt as a grt mgc syng. A grt wsdm syng, a prls sprm syng, a r syng. It cn ilsmnt al th sfrng, in trth wtht flshd. S chnt th Prjnprmt syng, chnt ths wrds: Gt gt prgt prsmgt bdh svh!


Speedwriting Premier

Grade 2 and Grade 3 braille contraction