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Commercial centralized social networks have an seemingly unavoidable shadow side. Group dynamics changing your communication, which would be different in a one on one conversation. A disciplinary power (Michel Foucault) and at times destructive effect. Then there are the viral effects of disinformation and people getting hooked by these sacred canopies because the network feeds reinforcing information. It's an amplified demon haunted world as Carl Sagan explains it in his last book. Jaron Lanier writes about the shadows of the likes, clicks and profiling of social media in 10 arguments for deleting your social media. There are alternatives like writing a blog and he RSS feeds you can subscribe too, the Fediverse (ActivityPub protocol), Gemini, Scuttlebutt and Hypercore. On the blockchain side there is Hive. Conceivably one can crosspost a blog to facebook and twitter.

blog francis

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pixelfed (activitypub) francis

pleroma (activitypub) francis

iris (hypercore)

gemini site (needs gemini browser)

bookwyrm (activitypub)


You can read more about these protocols, here (hypercore), here (twtxt), here (gemini) and here (activitypub). There is no centralized moderation, which is both a plus and a negative.