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olin-monster is a garden of ideas, projects and memories francis likes to grow and nurture. Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet, they are like wiki’s but more free-form and organic. It’s not as linear like a blog as items can grow and re-edited. It’s the antithesis of the linear posts and the consumer model social media pushes. It’s more like an invitation to dance (solo or together), then listening to someone on a soapbox or creating a polarizing buzz....


The beetle is a stone in the hive game. I use the term also to indicate the spirit of the beetle, slow and sturdy movements, while at times sitting still. As such it’s used as a tag in this digital garden.


In this garden, “tree” is a tag for sturdy, more physical things that support Francis. It in part refers to the Axis Mundi.“Olin monster” and “The Pattern” are examples of trees that “grow” in this garden. Olin monster is more akin to a collection of relatable concepts, thoughts, feelings and experiences, a private memex symbolized as a garden. The Pattern is associated with the creation of a memex, walking the talk, performing a sadhana or ritual, going through the fire....


A collection of saplings that need nurturing or thrown in the compost pit.