Every morning after waking write your dreams with pen and paper. dream recall


examples questions A good products sells itself, it’s a form of natural and organic marketing. What are the ethics and potential pitfalls, when does it become one-sided and manipulative. What is the role of intention and management expectations? How can the issue of parasocial relationships be mitigated? Limiting beliefs about money, in what way can money be a problem? is it “wrong” to ask money for a spiritual or informal personal help?...


tools Papermill is a tool for parameterizing and executing Jupyter Notebooks. For example setup pip install jupyterlab Once installed, launch JupyterLab with: jupyter-lab logseq integration through iframe


k8s stands for kubernetes, a few kubernetes related projects, cautionary tales and discussions are listed below. talos and k8s alpine and k8s coreos containeros flatcar photonos k3os k3s, k0s, kind and microk8s There are certified distributions which are not too resource hungry, especially if you need to self-host clusters, for example kind (,k3s (, k0s ( and microk8s. A list of excellent comparisons can be found here: https://blog....


Logseq is a note taking, task listing and wiki system. It’s multi platform and has extensive export, import and query possibilities and add-ons supporting mind maps, calendars and attached files. It natively saves pages and journals in plain text format. handy move items up and down: shift-alt arrows tag pages (tags: tag) and items (#tag) queries add to favorites; use dots. to manually add favorites: edit logseq/config.edn :favorites array. difference between tags pages and page pages every page gets an automatic listing with pages tagged with ‘specific-name’, best to be careful not to make it ‘snm’....


Love, friendship and play Jealousy Wilrieke Sophia on jealousy I don’t blame the other person for causing jealousy. Your mind might create all these stories about this person, he/she doesn’t deserve my love. Maybe I feel unworthy of love myself. Maybe if he/she is with someone else I am not worthy. I allow my boyfriend to feel jeaulous. Insecurity, a lack of confidence, a lack of worthiness. Don’t take it personal....


10 theme volumes 1: early writings Early writings in Great Britain, including *Born in Tibet *(1966), the memoir of his youth and training; *Meditation in Action *(1969), a classic on the practice of meditation; and Mudra (1972), a collection of verse. Among the selected articles from the 1960s and ’70s are early teachings on compassion and the bodhisattva path. Other articles contain unique information on the history of Buddhism in Tibet; an exposition of teachings of dzogchen with the earliest meditation instruction by Trungpa Rinpoche ever to appear in print; and an intriguing discussion of society and politics, which may be the first recorded germ of the Shambhala teachings....


activity tracking 3 concentric circles -> right: -» dbl-right: | down: heart rate sleep garmin watch apple watch samsung watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, 45 mm, 469 euro. around 48 hours battery life hybrids

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