seximal, god’s gift to humanity 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wikipedia: “Each regular human hand may be said to have six unambiguous positions; a fist, one finger (or thumb) extended, two, three, four and then all five extended. If the right hand is used to represent a unit, and the left to represent the ‘sixes’, it becomes possible for one person to represent the values from zero to 55senary (35decimal) with their fingers, rather than the usual ten obtained in standard finger counting....

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graph-theory Numberphile: A breakthrough in graph theory And visit her website: Read Erica Klarreich’s Quanta article on this subject: And visit her website: Yaroslav Shitov’s breakthrough paper: More graph theory on Numberphile Four Color Maps: An Unsolved Problem: Planar Graphs: Perfect Graphs: Friends and Strangers: River Crossings:

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