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With the right group you can create a space for authentic encounters, play, stillness, body and breath awareness, being connected with the belly, the head and the heart. I experienced a week in buddhist and christian retreats as such. At the same time, it can be a lot to be together, overwhelm even with morning prayers or silence. The more people are together the fuller the field can become. Feelings of loneliness, insecurity, feeling full or feeling lost all can arise....


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Working with what Jung called The Shadow Edward C. Whitmont, The Evolution of the Shadow D. Patrick Miller, What the Shadow Knows: An Interview with John A. Sanford Excerpts from ‘Meeting the Shadow’ by Connie Zweig William A. Miller, Finding the Shadow in Daily Life summary Jordan Peterson talks about the Shadow Alan Watts on the Shadow Chogyam Trungpa, Smile at Fear lojong Facing obstacles, defilements, hindrances and obscurations (kleshas) with Lojong practice Wipipedia:Five hindrances...


fate accelerated Fate Accelerated Edition; rules light and easy to apply to any genre. Since it uses aspects for characters and scenes it integrates well. mythic game master apprentice various reads FU and TGA and Emergent all tried that route via boiling it down to a d6 roll in the first twos cases and a different approach to events....


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The Pattern is one of my favorite concepts in a novel, I associate the idea with the labyrinth of chartres or the Borobudur. From the Amber series, a conversation with Random, Deirdre and Corwin about how to help Corwin, prince of Amber. ““I’m not going the full distance. You’ll have to take over at the shore and talk with your sister’s sister.” “You mean for him to take the Pattern again?...


the queen’s gambit chess books Max Euwe, Oom Jan leert zijn neefje schaken notable chess variants chess960 and chess480 duck chess crazyhouse antichess minichess (all kinds of variants on 3-7x4-7 boards) Pauli Chess 5D chess with multiverse timetravel Quantum Chess Chris Cantwell. Quantum Chess: Developing a Mathematical Framework and Design Methodology for Creating Quantum Games (2019) Megan Potoski, Chris Cantwell, and Doug Strain introduce Quantum Chess as a fun tool for quantum education....